Erykah Rose is a writer, artist, and consultant that emerged from Lake Michigan sometime in the 1980s and exists in a perpetual state of flux - much like the weather of her home state. After drifting through a variety of careers including teaching English to Japanese high school students and operating heavy machinery while barely clearing 5'3", she has since settled into a quiet life of project coordination and sea witchery.

Erykah holds a B.A. in History with a East Asian History and Religions focus from Grand Valley State University. When not wrangling animals, baking, or pretending to be a vampire, werewolf, or a samurai, she can be found binge-watching shows she forgot to watch 10 years ago on Netflix, writing, and indulging in her Sagittarian wanderlust.

She currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a veritable menagerie of three pugs (Doc, Iggy, and Wyatt), a cat (Chicken), a Nanday Conure (Makoto), and a Husbear (Adam).

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